Hollywood Station
Hollywood Station



“Exhilarating…colorful…a pleasure…It has all the authority, outrage, compassion, and humor of the great early novels.” –New York Times Book Review

“Cops just want to have fun! As you turn the pages of Wambaugh’s newest offering on the subject of the foibles and ferocities of the LAPD, you are going to have quite a good time yourself.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“Sharp characterization, fine plotting, and irreverent humor that mark Joseph Wambaugh’s best work.” –Dallas Morning News

Hollywood Station is Mr. Wambaugh’s comeback novel, and it is more than impressive; it is memorable, a flawless ride through the streets of L.A. with a crew of cops as colorful as the bad guys they pursue….if this dark, funny, poignant, and realistic stunner of a novel doesn’t get an Edgar nomination, we will be witnesses to the crime of the year.” –Otto Penzler, New York Sun

“Wambaugh’s cops are sharply defined character sketches….But Wambaugh’s anecdotes and observations make this a welcome return for the man whose sardonic view of police work was the bridge between Dragnet and Hill Street Blues.” –Washington Post Book World

“Offers all the characteristic Wambaugh magic: unlikable and conflicted characters we grow to love; a perfect mix of good guys and bad; and small vignettes that tie together seamlessly by the end.” –Atlantic Monthly

“Even after a 10-year break, Wambaugh can still write an enlightening and entertaining novel.” –Philadelphia Inquirer

“A deeply felt paean to those who protect and serve that also proves that there’s one veteran of the LAPD crime scene who can still run with the best of them.” –Los Angeles Times

“The freedom to imagine allows a writer to create truer pictures than do portraits of real people and factual events—at least when the writer is a wise and masterful storyteller like Joseph Wambaugh.” –San Diego Union-Tribune

“Shows Wambaugh in perfect form.” –Seattle Times

“[Wambaugh’s] is the rare police procedural less fixated on the central crime or the criminals…than on, well, police procedure: the day-to-day lives of cops.” –Entertainment Weekly

“[Wambaugh’s] voice is subtler; more ironic than it used to be. Enough art has been added to the mixture (magically, without taking away any of the savage humor) to justify the major awards that have been fired at Wambaugh’s head recently by his Mystery Writers of America peers.” –Chicago Tribune

“Required reading….It’s clear that the author of The Onion Field has lost none of his talent for keen observation.” –New York Post

“Reading Wambaugh’s latest may not be the most fun you’ve ever had, but it will come close.” –Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The moment that crime fiction fans have waited more than twenty years for is here: Joseph Wambaugh has written a new novel about the LAPD…a triumphant return to his roots and an entertaining character study that has the earthiness, authenticity, and freewheeling action that are trademarks of a Wambaugh novel.” –Oregonian

“Two decades and seven books since he last wrote about L.A., [Wambaugh has] finally come back. It was well worth the wait.” –Kansas City Star

“The master at his best….Brilliant characterization, impeccable plotting, stunning sense of place, and that special brand of irreverent, mordant humor for which Wambaugh holds the patent.” –Jonathan Kellerman

“Wambaugh has kept his touch….[This book] will keep you fascinated.” –St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Joseph Wambaugh set the standard with The Choir Boys and The New Centurions, and now he does so again. No other writer illuminates the heart beneath the badge better or more honestly than Joseph Wambaugh….Hollywood Station is a killer….[It] will make you laugh, cry, and keep turning pages….The master is back!” –Robert Crais

“Impossible to put down….Hollywood Station sets the standard once again….Full of grit, humor, and truth….I have been waiting a long time for this book, and two pages in I knew it was worth every minute, month, and year.” –Michael Connelly

“Outstanding….The master proves he can still deliver.” –Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“An excellent ear for dialogue and a telling eye for detail…Hollywood Station continues the award-winning author’s longtime exploration of the Los Angeles Police Department…a master at work in the milieu he knows better than almost anyone else.” –Baltimore Sun

“Terrific characterization…a hilarious review of today’s police force.” –Kirkus Reviews

“A triumphant return…high voltage suspense drives the tale, and as always Wambaugh’s characters, language, and war stories exude authenticity….Terrific.” –Booklist (starred review)

“Joseph Wambaugh’s many admirers will relish every wry and true-to-life scene of Hollywood Station, the latest entry in what will certainly be a lasting body of work. Welcome back, Mr. Wambaugh, and thanks for showing us, once again, how it’s done.” –George Pelecanos

“Oddball characters, quirky dialogue, and nimble plotting. Wambaugh is still the best in the business!” –Kathy Reichs

“At long last a new novel by Joseph Wambaugh! Bravo!” –Ray Bradbury

Hollywood Station is the best crime novel of the year….Wambaugh remains the undisputed champion….This one is tops.” –Mystery News