Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Hills



“You do not want to miss this fun book.” –Bookloons.com

“The characterizations are so rich, vivid, colorful and flamboyant that they often make you laugh out loud. The interplay between partners provides a thoughtful perspective on how relationships can develop in the pressure cooker of a shop.(squad car) The story often seemed to range widely but finally came down to a tied up conclusion.” –Pick of the Literate

“This is Wambaugh at his best. With quirky, eccentric and complicated characters that face life and death daily, Wambaugh presents the goods. His characters have daily lives, flaws, emotions, and situations—none of them, even crazed bad guy Jonas Claymore—flat lines into any kind of stereotype. Like Carl Hiaasen at his best, Wambaugh’s cops laugh and fight, hard and humanly. His criminals are both compassionate, hard edged, insane and fearful….A great read. A great Wambaugh.” –TheReviewBroads.com