Hollywood Crows
Hollywood Crows



Police story guru Joseph Wambaugh returns to the gritty, glamorous streets of Los Angeles with a riveting sequel to his smash hit Hollywood Station.

Seduction, black-market booze, burglary, and murder—not your ordinary fare for a division of peacekeeping officers, but Hollywood isn’t your ordinary town. When a couple of LAPD cops find themselves caught up with a certain femme fatale, they’re in for trouble. Meet Margot Aziz, the astonishingly beautiful, soon-to-be-ex wife of Ali Aziz, proprietor of a Sunset Boulevard strip club. Margot would like nothing better than to be rid of her husband, who has his diamond-studded fingers in multiple shady business deals—and who wants his lovely wife dead.

But Ali has a problem: Margot’s got custody of half his fortune and, more important, his beloved son. Margot knows how to get what she wants—but how far will she go to get it? Enter Hollywood Nate Weiss, a cop hungry for stardom and looking for love. Duty bound to serve and protect, Nate is more than willing to help a woman in trouble. But in Hollywood, nothing is as it seems, and he isn’t the only one on Margot’s case….

Nate works alongside a squad of L.A.’s finest, including a duo of suntanned surfer cops known as Flotsam and Jetsam, tenacious women officers Cat Song and Ronnie Sinclair, and the kindly veteran Bix Ramstead, who Ronnie laments may be the last monogamous male at Hollywood Station. As they’ll discover, Hollywood always deceives you, and love always comes packing heat.

With his distinctive brand of mordant humor and intimate knowledge of the world of cops, Wambaugh delivers another outrageously entertaining and uncommonly poignant novel with Hollywood Crows.